Since 1970


we produce plastic items with advanced moulding processes

A solid and versatile industrial reality

From a company capable of producing plastic items since 1970 with advanced molding processes, Tecnoplastica Valtellinese shows today the typical features of a strong and versatile industrial reality
Is a supplier not only of printed pieces, but as a real industrial partner providing assembly services and group and subgroups testing , mold production and before, evolved quality product design services, engineering CAD CAM and rapid prototyping.

Strict controls and avant-garde technologies

TECNOPLASTICA gives concrete form to an idea by organizing and planning each production phase, packaging included.
Any plastic item and assemblied unit undergo severe quality tests. In short, any production phase is controlled by highly-qualified skilled technicians and is guaranteed by the state-of-the-art technology which characterizes our plants.

Our key numbers

45 years experience

Since 1970 we dedicate ourselves with professionalism, passion and expertise to satisfy our customers and to grow our company

16,000 square meters of industrial area

out of which 7000 covered. A forge where ideas take shape and become real products

20 injection molding machines

To allow maximum flexibility and provide the best support even in times of greater production peaks.

95 employees

Because we are convinced that the success of a company arises from the sum of the professionalism of the human resources employed in it.

The warranty of a certified company

Experience, professionalism and constant commitment for certified results.

Since 1999 Tecnoplastica Valtellinese is certified with a Grade’ Certificate System ISO 9001 that allows to the company to monitor all of its processes and to ensures a high quality of the articles produced, both for the molding activities as for the assembly .
Thanks to the joint development of these two realities’ (molding and assembly) Tecnoplastica is able to interpret the individual needs of customers, providing daily, targeted solutions to individual problems.
Experience, professionalism, commitment and dynamism, together with the quality of products and services, represent the added value of Tecnoplastica and will promote its success.

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